Creating the Future with Our Power

The Japanese language is our precious culture.
From classics such as Kabuki and Joruri, to present works such as animation, games, and localization contents, the “Japanese Language” is Japanese culture itself.

Technology continues to evolve, and our language continues to change.
We listen to the voice of this changing world as we deliver our thoughts to the future through the Japanese language.

We aim to connect with the audiences who see and hear the films, so we find it important to utilize our “human” skills when doing our work. While living and coexisting with innovative digital technology, we will continue to make exciting contents with our passion.


A Stimulating Cutting Edge Audio Production

More than 60 years have passed since the start of television broadcasting and dubbing of foreign content. With so many memories, thanks to you, the 81 Group is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Our group companies place high priorities on the followings,
– dealing with language seriously and creating high-quality works
– developing the next-generation of staff/cast responsible for audio production
– cultivating the cultural theory of sound production and Japanese version production.

As the field of video content expands, the opportunities for voice actors and audio production are expanding beyond Japan to the world. In this changing age, I feel that our mission is to pass on the technologies and cultures we have cultivated so far to the next generation.
We hope that a stimulating voice production industry continuously thrives, that we co-exist with the gems of film production which highlight the age, and to be loved and supported by you forever.



Michiyoshi Minamisawa

Animation Sound Department

Since our establishment in 1984, the Animation Sound Department has been involved in working with numerous projects as the company’s principal business. In order to respond to daily advances in technology and complex delivery formats, we utilize our techniques (technology) and spirit (mind).
To go beyond the realm of audio production of animation films, we strive to respond to diversifying needs of our clients including; making program advertisements and commercials; producing and making bonus video tracks and the making-of videos of special programs and videograms, audio recording and mixing of games, movie parts, audio drama, as well as radio and web radio, internet and comics. We are actively involved in the integration of video and audio.

Subtitle Dubbing Department

This department deals with the production of Japanese language versions of movies and dramas for theater, TV, VOD, games, airlines, DVD contents and interactive programs.
We are ready to respond to our customers’ needs – our experienced staff have both the skill and know-how in a wide range of media, and we have studios capable of meeting the needs of the time.
We have rich experience in programs not only in English but also in many other languages including Chinese and Korean. We aim to expand our department yet further to cater to all languages.

Technical Department

The Technical Department manages and operates our post production facilities.
Our system design is built with the highest priority on providing a comfortable and efficient environment for everyone who takes part in the creative process.
“Not just be an excellent operator, but a player who joins in on the work” – Every member will participate in your work with unique talent and responsibility.

Direction Department

The Direction Department has a group of audio directors for localization movies and animations. Utilizing our own studio fully and working in collaboration with the Subtitle Dubbing Department and the Technical Department, we aim to produce high quality Japanese language versions.
We also support the training of voice actors through 81Actor’s Studio to discover promising actors. We hope to draw out the positive aspects of our staff and the cast by encountering wonderful works and working together in a fully-equipped production environment.

Movie Trailers Department

We assist promotional activities by producing visual images in relation to the Japanese language version such as movie trailers and TV commercials.


「Oh My Z!」 「Hibi Rock」 「The Wailing」 「Tom-Yum-Goong 2」