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President's Message

presidentAllow me to express my sincere best wishes and thanks for your esteemed support to us over the years.
Since establishing HALF H·P STUDIO in the autumn of 1986 we have been lucky to be in high spirits carrying on with our activities. When we first established the music production and publishing department of 81 Produce as our principal business, we did not expect the software industry to flourish the way it does today nor dream that the animation industry would expand worldwide. We progressed in line with the growing and expanding foreign movies/videos/animation industry, and moreover, with your support, we were able to set up our current business model.

Our company as a whole takes pride and endeavors to work hard in the field of voice and audio production of animation and the production of the Japanese language version of foreign movies because we recognize that it is an important determinant of the quality of the material itself. Utilizing our expert production staff, first rate technicians, and wonderful voice actors, we attempt to consolidate a quality control system with each material we come across, upholding our theme: "A Stimulating Cutting Edge Voice Production". As regards to audio production work, our group companies place high priority in dealing with languages with anime, foster understanding of cultural nuances and try to raise staff and cast members for the next generation in this field.

Half a century has passed in the field of producing Japanese language versions. Linking culture and technology to the next generation, we will eventually greet a new century. We hope that a stimulating voice production industry is succeeded, that we can continue to co-exist with the gems of film productions which highlight the age and continue to be loved and supported by you forever. We will continue to make efforts to offer new possibilities in producing Japanese language versions and audio/sound voice production. We would be more than happy if you could be fully satisfied with the voice production of HALF H P STUDIO from beginning to end. We heartily welcome and appreciate your encouragement and guidance in the years to come.